5 Tax Implications of Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual funds are one of the best investment instruments from the perspective of maximum returns and minimum risk. A mindful selection of funds can bring good returns with less exposure to potential risks. Along with the returns and risks of investing, a mutual fund investor should also be aware of the tax implication on the […]

Complete Guide to Bank Fixed Deposits

Bank Fixed Deposits are financial long-term investment tool which helps you to save and invest money from your monthly income. The investment made in Fixed deposits provide you returns over a fixed period of time and can help you in your rainy days and future. Bank fixed deposits are one of the most traditional and […]

How to make Fixed Deposits effectively work for you?

It is a universal desire of most humans to generate and keep accumulating wealth. Investing the available capital in hand in existing asset classes is a starting point for many. We live in a world which is increasingly discarding the “old” ways or objects for the “new” and in most cases for the right reasons […]

What is a prepaid debit card and how it works

What is a prepaid debit card? A prepaid debit card is a popular alternative to regular debit and credit cards. As the name implies, you have to preload the card, before you can use it. It lets you spend only the amount that is loaded on to it. Just like a regular debit card, you can use […]

How to use debit or ATM cards wisely

By eliminating the need to carry cash, Debit Cards make our lives highly convenient. With the Government of India now laying a significant emphasis on electronic transactions, Debit Cards have significantly grown in popularity over the past few years. But along with their popularity, cases of Debit Card frauds have also risen considerably. Fortunately, protecting […]

7 Signs indicating credit card use incorrect

When used correctly, credit can help you get out of financial challenges. While there are now many different types of loans available, a Credit Card is one of the easiest ways to acquire credit. Ask financial experts, and they would agree that Credit Cards are one of the most powerful financial tools. However, the convenience […]

Does Taking Gold Loan Affect My Credit Score?

Gold Loan is a loan wherein gold jewelry is provided as collateral security. Gold Loans are offered by nationalized banks, private banks, and other financial institutions at affordable interest rates. Compared to other loans which may stipulate some fix terms and conditions for end-use of funds, Gold Loans provide flexibility to the customers to use […]

5 Things Every Parent Should Know While Applying For An Education Loan

Every parent dreams of their child graduating from a distinguished university or B-school. Here are key points to consider before you apply for an education loan. Education from a renowned institute is often considered an important stepping stone, leading the way to a successful career. However, the cost of education is increasing rapidly and an […]

Things to Check Before Applying for a Car Loan

Gone are the days when you had to shell out loads of money at one go to purchase a car. Now you can easily avail a car loan and get your car home sooner. You can apply for a car loan online and eliminate the hassle of visiting the lender in their office. There are […]