Tips & Tricks to manage Online Personal Loan

Nowadays all struggling and professionals both are opting for personal loans to fulfill their several needs. It is also because personal loans are easily approachable, unlike the old days where the candidate had to make an appointment even for a loan application. Online personal loans have made the whole process hassle-free and availing a personal […]

What are the benefits of having life insurance plans?

Apply for life insurance: First, I will explain to you, ” what is life insurance?” Later, I will explain their benefits. Insurance is a means of protection from any financial loss. It will act as risk management that will save you from going bankrupt. Life insurance or life assurance is a contract between an insurance […]

Calculate loan interest with Rokdabazaar EMI Calculator

An EMI calculator helps you know the amount of the EMIs that you will need to pay towards your Loan and helps make an informed decision. The Rokdabazaar loan EMI calculator also functions as a home loan, personal loan & car loan interest calculator, as you will be able to know the interest amount due […]

How to Apply for a Fixed Deposit in India?

How to Apply for a Fixed Deposit in India? Compare Fixed Deposit Rates in India: Fixed Deposits endure one of the most popular investment mechanisms in India, generally due to the low risk and guaranteed returns. Most Savings Accounts offer interest at 3.5 – 4% p.a. whereas Fixed Deposits can provide interest at a rate of up […]

How are debit cards different from credit cards?

Best Debit Card provider: apply for debit card online A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from the user’s bank account. A debit card acts like a check card. People use a debit card while paying bills for shopping online or offline or paying anything. After the debit cards, there is […]

Best Mutual Fund Investment | Rokdabazaar

Best Mutual Fund Investment : A mutual fund is an investment pooling entity that is professionally managed by an asset executives company (AMC). It brings together a group of investors and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other avenues. As a mutual fund investor, you are assigned mutual fund units that show your contribution […]

What are the benefits of using credit cards?

Apply for Credit Cards: Nowadays, everyone has credit cards. But do you about any details of credit cards? And what is a credit card? And why people mostly use it while shopping? A Credit card is a card that allows us to shop or buy kinds of stuff without using any cash. When we buy […]

What are the benefits of Apply for Loan against property?

Apply for Loan Against Property: Loan against property is nothing but a simple Loan that you take by keeping your residential/commercial properties as collateral. A Loan is lending money from an individual or organization to an individual or organization. Loan against property is a secured loan. A secured loan is a loan in which borrowers […]