RBI Reduces Repo Rate by 75 Basis Points to 4.4%

RBI governor Shaktikanta Das on Friday 27th March 2020 announced a cut on repo rate by 75 basis points. He said this is often a unprecedented condition and these steps are taken in sight of the Covid-19 pandemic to preserve the economic stability & to spice up liquidity during a stimulus worth 3.2% of GDP. HIGHLIGHTS: WHAT RBI Governor Announced Cut in repo rate by 75 […]

Impact on the economy when nation shutdown!

Apply for business loan online: The outbreak of corona virus is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Its impact on the global economy is also increasing. India is in quarantine. The other word for quarantine is a lockdown. India has been shut for almost 21 days. Apply for business […]

Drastic downfall of businesses due to Covid-19

Apply for business loan online: There is a drastic fall in maximum businesses because of Covid-19. We have already seen the downfall in developed nations like China, Italy, and the US. Companies are firing their employees because of no business. So, you definitely will be going to need a loan to get back to your […]

A Simple Personal Loan Can Help You Plan Your Next Vacation

Apply for personal loan online Who doesn’t dream of a holiday abroad? Or who does not like going on holiday with their loved ones? But, to live your dreams you need enough money. Foreign resorts, flight tickets, your stay at the hotel and your food items can be found together in the form of a […]

How To Decrease Your Home Loan Cumber?

Apply for home loan these days can hamper your years or even decades of savings, so getting a home loan is the only option for most people. However, Apply for home loan are one of the biggest financial commitments as they have a longer tenure than other loans. EMI can withdraw a large part of […]

Beneficial information to know before applying for a loan against property

Applying for loan against property: Loan against property is a secure loan. In real estate, property means assets. A person can use that property for living or putting it as collateral for the loan against property. Loan against property is just a simple loan like other types of loans. A loan means to lend money […]

All you need to know: how to apply for a gold loan?

Apply for gold loan: The Gold loan is more common in India because people have gold that sitting idle at home. The better way of using your gold jewelry is those provide gold to the bank and get money. Gold loan is a secured loan that means you put your gold as collateral, and once […]

Is it possible to get a business loan quickly on this year’s budget?

Apply for small business loans: Budget plays a crucial part in every type of loan. Businessman or entrepreneur has waited for the budget so that they can have some positive impacts on their business. Entrepreneurs or businessmen are those that own a business or start-up or any small business. Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented […]