How to Apply for a Fixed Deposit in India?

How to Apply for a Fixed Deposit in India? Compare Fixed Deposit Rates in India: Fixed Deposits endure one of the most popular investment mechanisms in India, generally due to the low risk and guaranteed returns. Most Savings Accounts offer interest at 3.5 – 4% p.a. whereas Fixed Deposits can provide interest at a rate of up […]

Complete Guide to Bank Fixed Deposits

Bank Fixed Deposits are financial long-term investment tool which helps you to save and invest money from your monthly income. The investment made in Fixed deposits provide you returns over a fixed period of time and can help you in your rainy days and future. Bank fixed deposits are one of the most traditional and […]

How to make Fixed Deposits effectively work for you?

It is a universal desire of most humans to generate and keep accumulating wealth. Investing the available capital in hand in existing asset classes is a starting point for many. We live in a world which is increasingly discarding the “old” ways or objects for the “new” and in most cases for the right reasons […]